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Pro Star Website Design

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From Scratch to Publication our team of designers are here to help. The team lead will oversee and make certain that your design will get the most attention from the search engine spiders, while maintaining the cleanest look possible. 

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Winner of the
2019 Abby Awards

The Alabama Broadcasters Association
recognizing exceptional business broadcasting practices, websites, and talent across Alabama since 2006.
Awarded best small market website in Alabama 2019.

Web Award 2019
No More Wordpress!!!!

Site Builder Bloat

No CMS type Sites!

If you are like anyone else, you've noticed that people who use Wordpress have VERY slow websites.
This is because of Site Builder Bloat. We do not use, allow, or pay for addons at Wordpress. We build everything from scratch and custom made for you!

Website design tools and all the extra code they add to a website can create two very serious problems:

1) Your site developer might not know how to properly troubleshoot and maintain your site because they might not know the code; 
2) Tons of unnecessary HTML code causes your site to download slower than it should. Because we code by hand, not only do we know every detail of your website for quick, efficient maintenance, but less code means everything runs faster, keeping visitors on track and optimizing the value of your website.

PRO STAR Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization

A website only works if it is found.

We make no claims to be an SEO company, however, by the very nature of our website optimization methods, the websites that we Redevelop or Design  perform extremely well on search engines, such as Google & Bing.

Fast Loading

Graphics Optimization

Making your site load Fast!

Today, people expect the Internet to be fast. Most people won't wait for a slow loading website.

Graphics Optimization gives you a speedier website that will keep the visitor's attention and result in greater customer retention and increased sales.



Cross Browser Compatibility

Browser Independence: When visitors arrive at your website, you do not want the first thing they see to be that annoying "This site best viewed in ...

W3C compliance and Pro Star's thorough testing ensures that your site will appear as intended to all visitors regardless of which browser they choose to use.


Website Redevelop

Give your site a tune up OR a complete overhaul

Pro Star can redevelop your website – giving it an overhaul – resulting in a consistent, optimized website that works the way you expect it to.

We code mostly by hand; creating a site that is fast, efficient and visually stimulating. Your redeveloped site will have a new look with a clear, consistent message and presentation.



Security and Encryption http(s)://

SECURITY - http(s) or SSL website encryption. Pro Star takes care of your SSL along with your domain registration yearly. Encryption shows a lock in the address bar making your users feel safe while on your site and is now a requirement to get ranked.


Website Keywords


Keywords are not used as much as they once were. Search engines are now smart and can absorb your entire site, finding the most relevant words you use to describe your business.

We combine the use of both methods of the keyword usage and then promote your site based on these algorithms each week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

So the design of your company website must include wording within it to entice the spiders to come to your website, making your company stand out among your competition.


Content is Key!

Updating Content

Your content design must change or get updated on a regular basis as to not become stale. Content that has been updated or changed on your website lets the spiders know that you site is up to date and will rocket you upward. 

Company A updates their site and social media weekly... 
Company B updated their site 6 months ago...
Which company do you think the search spiders will rank higher?
And doesn't Company A Deserve to rank higher?
They put more effort into their marketing by updating their content regularly.

A few words...
Website Designs for Mobile and Desktop Support

The video briefly explains our process

Remember that we build these websites by hand, and although there may be a few routine techniques that we do to all of our websites, we specialize in custom builds just for you. Meaning that we never use website templates or themes, so you won't find another website exactly like yours

Local I.T. Support

Upon building several websites for local businesses we found the need to start our own web hosting service. 

Pro Star has now grown to secure many websites in, not only, Marshall County but several states now, and growing all over the world.

I.T. Maintenance Contracts for Local Businesses, Computer & Laptop Repair, Custom Computer Builds and Website Design-Hosting & S.E.O.
Not only do we maintain local I.T. contracts within Arab and surrounding businesses. But we also build, maintain, and advertise their websites.

I strategically design all of our websites with success in mind, key details that enable you to maintain an effective site with an effective marketing plan.

I'm not only thinking of you, but my company as well. We are not a "Go Daddy" or "Host Gator", but we are a small business trying to make it in a HUGE corporate ran internet world. Being a small local business, we can be more hands on and reachable.

Pro Star Planet


Karen Sanders


Chad Sanders

Pro Star Planet Website Design

Websites that look like Fortune 500 sites
Pro Star Planet - Voted Best Website Design, SEO, and Hosting

How can this happen? We compare you to your competitors, and verify that you are providing as much detail as possible about what you offer. We take pride in the graphics used in your website going over every detail. And finally we use the latest in technology in the design of your site.

Website Design and Hosting

  • BUILD - We build it!
  • HOST - We host it!
  • ADVERTISE - We handle the S.E.O.
  • MAINTAIN - Free Updates
    With a simple paypal account, we can also set you up with an online store to sell a few items.

We're proud of the sites we create, and stand behind our work. That's why hundreds of companies rely on us for their website needs.

Local Contacts

Unlike most web firms, we’re not based overseas. All of our websites are made here. In fact, we hand-craft every site custom for the customer.


Your dedicated and experienced project manager will walk with you step by step to ensure we build the website of your dreams.

Modern Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, and PHP are the beginning of our base website techniques. With a simple paypal account, we can set you up with an online store to sell a few items.

We Know the Code!

Developing the website, building the graphics, taking the photo's and grinding out the code... these are all things we enjoy. It's like building a jigsaw puzzle,  when it's done, it's beautiful.

Fast Websites

Reducing the webpage load time increases your sales chance. If a page takes too long to load, people tend to simply click BACK. This is why we DO NOT USE Word Press.

Pro Star Planet

Best Website Marketing

Unlike most web firms, we’re not based overseas. All of our websites are made in the USA.
In fact, we hand-craft every site right here in Arab, AL.

Your dedicated and experienced project manager will walk with you step by step to ensure we build the website of your dreams.

Just pick up the phone, call us, and talk to the actual person that will be making your company known!

Check out our portfolio.
Pro Star Planet Website Design and Hosting - Alabama
A Subsidiary of CS Computer Repair LLC

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* (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client.

Frequent questions

BUILD - We build it!

HOST - We host it!

ADVERTISE - We handle the S.E.O.

MAINTAIN - Free Updates





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